For those of you who don’t know, Matt and I have moved to Valparaiso,Chile! For no reason other than us just wanting to live in a different country. I made him an activity/travel journal out of a vintage Around the World Program book for the plane. I collected the crosswords from the Redeye for the last month I was in Chicago and sewed them in along with blank drawing paper and envelopes!

More from my Making amends with: Cockroaches series.  

I recently brought some more handmade books over to City Lit. I was struggling with how to put my contact info inside the books so that people could know who actually made it. Then the most obvious idea hit me like a ton of bricks and I decided to make library cards/ sleeves with my name and contact info on them. TADA!!

Mailing out a handmade bingo card book today. Here’s a look at the packaging.

I’m happy to be selling some handmade books over at City Lit Bookstore in Logan Square- Check them out if you get a chance! I really utilized my pink vintage wallpaper this past week. A notebook and hand lettered sign for my books. Matt Soria helped me out by drawing some elephants for a handmade baby shower card and envelope. 

New experiment-  sketchbook for myself. Wild.

New experiment- sketchbook for myself. Wild.

Seven Christmas surprises are going out today!

Seven Christmas surprises are going out today!

I currently don’t have, and never really have had a “bug problem” in my apts, It’s just my huge fear that I could have or will have a “bug problem” that has lead me to make this series. It’s time for me to make amends with bugs!

Because I think I’m crappy at drawing, each cockroach is made from my fingerprints.

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